Commercial & Industrial Cooling systems
  • A new generation of high energy efficient, refrigerant units created to meet
    the needs of commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Air cooled chillers / Heat Pumps
  • Multifunctional: Chiller + Heat Pumps for cotemporary cooling and heating
  • Water Cooled Chillers / Heat Pumps

Product range includes the advanced Screw Chillers, versatile Scroll Chillers, rugged Reciprocating Chillers as well as Customized Chillers, precisely designed and made as per the peculiar process cooling applications, some of them being Brine Chillers, Oil Chillers, Gas liquefaction Chillers, Batching Chillers, Cascade Chillers, Hazardous area Chillers etc
we provide solutions for almost all the segments, through the widest range of technologies in fluid compression as well as largest capacity and temperature ranges.

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