Precision Air conditioning

Precision cooling technology differs substantially from classical comfort air conditioning.

Air conditioning units dedicated to dissipate the heat generated by electronic equipment in data centers, computer rooms, technology
environments in general have to meet very specific design paradigms as well as guarantee compactness, efficiency, reliability, ease of maintenance,
interfacing with centralized monitoring systems.

For all applications that require 24 hours of air conditioning per day, 365 days a year, without interruption, it becomes mandatory minimization of
energy consumption and precise control of environmental conditions. These results are obtained by Blue Box products for precision cooling
through the use of best technology and components and careful dedicated design.

The range of Blue Box products is capable of satisfying different requests and the highest number of applications, thanks to the plurality of versions,
configurations, and to the massive list of options and accessories

We are the official dealar of Blue Box precision air conditioning units in Kingdom of Bahrain

  • Direct expansion air cooled, with humidification, electrical heater, and remote air condenser units.
  • The control system offers a tailored and well proven advance in reliability and control flexibility, allowing the unit to modify its performance in response to changing critical space conditions.
  • Local monitoring and programming of the following room conditions via a keypad:
    Ranging from 6 to 220 KW


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